Echoic – Son (2013)

_DSC4767-1A dreamy delicate sound of anguish, ‘Son’ is the new single from Reading-based band Echoic.  Newly formed in July 2013, they have already developed a sound totally distinguishable from their peers; an Echoic sound.

The fourpiece (Connor John Turner on vocals, Jack Ford on guitar, Aaron Iley on bass and Kera Stewart on drums) have put their new single ‘Son’ on their SoundCloud page available for free download.  A classic 21st century promotional move, allowing for new listeners to take their song with them whilst no doubt keeping their keen fanbase happy.

Songs like this one invariably evoke comparisons with contemporary artists.  The notion of comparable critique allows for recommendations and ideas for new listeners, but should we not just let the music speak for itself?  A smooth bossa nova beat mingles with some clever guitar and bass work winding around each other with impressive ease.  Legato slides and fingered bass are a comfortable sound, with chorus powered harmonics and minor chords wrapping around Turner’s unique vocals.  Surely enough, the band name stays true by employing an amount of echo in the track, although this does become somewhat messy during some verses as the dynamics overlap and instruments blend.  The production helps save this by keeping the instruments distinctive in the mix, but the echo still feels slightly overused; then again, this is a band called Echoic.  Would we expect anything else?  At least they’re not called Distorty, or The Autotunes.

The vocals become more pained as the track progresses.  The wails in the chorus lead into the slightly darker bridge that plays around with some heavier guitar work, contrasting the arpeggiated trickery during the intro and verses.  The song draws to a close with Turner demonstrating some impressive high-end vocals and the drums splashing around on the cymbals, taking the song to a peak in its conclusion.  Certainly this music has that easy vibe that can be adopted for sunsets on the beach, or a VW advert, and this immediate placement is wonderfully contrasted by the dark undercurrents that pervade in the lyrical content.  A great piece of an Echoic sound.



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