The passing of a hero: the death of Madiba


This will be short, I’ve not much to say.  For me as a South African this comes as a shock, and an emotional one at that.  Nelson Mandela, or Madiba as he has come to be known, was not just a political icon but also a father.  He was a brother, a cousin, an uncle and a friend.

On Thursday night he left this world after fighting the good fight against a lung infection for the past few months.  In his 95 years he has experienced more than many of us could even imagine – a life of pain, strife, anger, sorrow, joy and peace – and despite everything he found a way to help his fellow man overcome their problems teaching forgiveness (of all things).

This news report probably hasn’t filled your thirst for facts, but I said it would be short and emotional.  If you take nothing from this, leave with the knowledge that Nelson Mandela was one in a million and there will probably never be another as breath-taking.


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