Green Day plan hiatus after Soundwave 2014


It’s officially official, the infamous Green Day are taking a break from entertaining their fans and spreading their “screw the establishment and down with the Man” songs.

After experiencing a meltdown onstage last year September, when Billie-Joe Armstrong (lead vocalist) smashed his guitar and stormed off having thought his set had been cut short, the band were already on tenterhooks.  Two days later an announcement was made stating that Armstrong was receiving treatment for substance abuse; yet, the band resumed touring and releasing albums after a short break despite the obviously worn-out musician.

Now, all three have agreed a hiatus is the ticket to recharge their batteries and have some ‘me’ time.  As Armstrong stated in his interview with BBC Radio 2:

“We haven’t really been doing much. So it’s just nice to kind of do some other things, y’know, when we get ready to do Green Day again, our batteries will be charged.”

The infamous punk rock band have planned to break after their headlining performance at Australia’s Soundwave 2014 music festival.  The Soundwave promoter, AJ Maddah, has confirmed that they will be playing a two-and-a-half hour set; it is also confirmed they won’t be playing side-shows between now and then.  So, if you want another glimpse at Billy and the boys you best get yourself down under!



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