Other Side Introducing: BoyMeetsWorld


So it’s that time of year again – yes, Santa is coming; but before you start hanging stockings and lighting fires, we want you to meet BoyMeetsWorld.  Almost, very literally, the band of brothers release their Christmas album in just 3 days time, and we at The Other Side Reviews were lucky enough to get an early preview and receive some more information about the band so you can get to know them before you start getting all festive.

Boy Meets World is a 5-piece band made up of three brothers and two of their best friends.  Their Christmas album project started about two years ago while vocalist Craig Sulken was living away from home.  As Christmas started to creep up on Craig, he started to realise not only did he need to start making music, he was homesick.  This homesickness pushed Craig to write tracks like ‘Home for the Holidays’ featured on the album.

The rest of the band started to form cohesively in the summer of 2012 when Craig teamed up with brothers Ryan (drums) and Brad (bass).  Along with two friends Drew (guitar) and Patrick (also guitar), the band played over that summer and by the time winter rolled back around the track ‘Home for the Holidays’ was in full swing with a video and a clear idea of where to go from there.  Craig is quoted saying:

“It was amazing to see for the first time that so many people were enjoying what we were doing, which gave me the inspiration to record a whole Christmas album…”

And that leads us to now.  A whole year later, awaiting the imminent release of the album Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal – a pop punk and acoustic medley of Christmas inspired songs, which will have you feeling festive and ready for the holiday season.

The album can be yours totally free, due to the festive spirits of the band and as a thank you to all their supporters.  Get your copy of Boy Meets Worlds’ Christmas album via their official website on the 3rd of December.

If you just can’t wait to get you festivities started, you can hear the single ‘Home for the Holidays’ via their music video:

And for our review of the album Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal click here.


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