AC/DC & X-Factor at loggerheads for Christmas no. 1?


In 2009 Rage Against The Machine slaughtered X-Factor’s Joe McElderry to grab the top spot of UK Christmas no. 1.  I say slaughtered metaphorically of course, but since then the UK public have campaigned annually against any X Factor winner to reach this prized position; so you have to wonder what sort of impact that initial win left in all voters minds.

This year the X-Factor winner, Coral, finds herself facing the AC/DC classic ‘Highway To Hell’ and Facebook statistics suggest that it may go all the way.  Support for AC/DC is standing at 107K Facebook ‘likes’ and bookies are drawing in the cash for this rocking classic.

Last year The Justice Collective took the prestigious spot with ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’; what do you think will happen in the next month?  Who are you rooting for AC/DC or Coral?


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