Bombay Bicycle Club comment on new album


Arcade Fire has just released a real whammy of a fourth album.  Reflektor is gorgeous, intertextual, and unabashedly rocking; therefore, I am getting pretty excited for the fourth installment from north London quartet, Bombay Bicycle Club.  Just as Arcade Fire evolved from “good” to sublime, Bombay Bicycle Club claim that their latest endeavors are more diverse and wide-ranging than ever before.  On November 5, the band debuted a new track, ‘Carry Me’; it is an electrifying (d)evolution from the jangly optimism of ‘Shuffle’ from A Different Kind of Fix (2011).

Guitarist Jamie MacColl discussed a few of the band’s recent influences with NME.  Not only is there the choice to make the album without an outside producer; the staple of indie rock, the guitar, has been relegated to make room for drum loops, samples, horns, marimba, and piano.  A trip to India in 2012 also inspired the band to sample Bollywood music, most notably on new track ‘Feel’.  Also, vocalists Lucy Rose and Rae Morris play a prominent role in the forthcoming album despite not being members of the band.

The work of 1800s photographer, Eadweard Muybridge, has heavily influenced the artwork and videos for the album. The interactive video for ‘Carry Me’ pays homage to Muybridge’s stop-motion photography – viewers are able to control the band’s actions throughout the track.  MacColl says that the new album is, in some ways, “one giant loop” which tries to mirror Muybridge’s work with phenakistoscopes (a form of early animation).


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