Other Side Introducing: BANKS


There’s nothing more spellbinding than a new artist you instantly fall head over heels in love with, so from the shores of LA, I give you BANKS.  For weeks now, BANKS has had me under her spell with her new LONDON EP; four tracks of immaculately produced Alt-R&B/Electronica surrounding a beguiling voice as mysterious as her overall presence.

The first time I heard BANKS was on her Sohn-collaboration ‘Waiting Game’ – a sorrowful, yet sweltering ballad that mixes other-worldly backing vocals with a grinding and thumping bass through nice and easy progression.  I was hooked from the moment those ghostly hums hit my ears.

Her newest release, ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ has a less spine-chilling feel to it as this particular cut is more about the vocal production and gets a chance to show off her more sultry and husky vocals.  Collaborator Jamie Woon is an obvious influence as his own music is centred around extraordinary vocal production, muted bass and giddy R&B-tinged beats.

As a whole, BANKS’ music has a certain anguished beauty to it.  The ice-cold production is evened out by the singer’s honest vocals and tormented lyrics.  The enigmatic songstress is becoming a fast-riser in the industry as she is currently serving as a support act on The Weekend’s tour, and is preparing her own headlining tour while readying for the release of her debut album.

Despite only debuting this year on a small label, she has already amassed an impressive collaborators list, including Sohn, Sampha, Jamie Woon, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & XXYYXX.

If BANKS sounds like your ideal listening, then be sure to download her LONDON EP on iTunes and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  Better yet, take a leaf from her Facebook page: “If you ever want to talk call me – (323) 362-2658 – BANKS”


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