Tequila’s Mind, a genuine drop of Italian rock songwriting


One would think Italy has no hidden gems apart from the average stream of healthy food, mesmerising countryside, loud people and all that jazz.  Being Italian, as I am, I’ve always found myself torn apart from feeling sad about the actual state of things there and amused at the blatant fact people are really missing out on what truly lies beneath the clichéd cover.

Take one hell of a small town like Sienna, in the heart of the enchanting Tuscan countryside.  At first sight you can’t help but fall in love with it.  Small medieval streets, genuine people, even more genuine food, a timeless vibe spread all around its brick walls.
To live here must be one true idyllic dream– one would again think.  Then what happens is that you live there and soon enough you start to think there’s probably something wrong with its ancient and steeped-tradition system.

Sienna’s bittersweet peculiarity of being deeply anchored to the past, is also preventing it to rise and shine as it should do.  When some of its people try to standout from the crowd and be a little bit more diverse, the obvious consequence is that they fall into a big, black hole of ignorance, as in being ignored by the general public.

Sienna’s Tequila’s Mind, though, managed to skip the fall and got their way around it, busking in those traditions and adding to the mixture a good, sound dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

First album Le Luci del Porto, produced by indie label Horus Music in 2009, saw them taking a well-deserved spot in the Italian songwriting panorama, with valid tracks such as ‘Stoccolma’ and ‘Premesse Teoriche’ making the most out of a fascinating balance between melancholic lyrics and incredibly catchy guitar riffs, giving to the listener the feeling of always been on the verge of a long-lost childhood memory.

What strikes about these guys is the significant ability of never falling into any clichés, a common flaw in the Italian songwritingship, and always maintaining a certain level of infectious tunes-flavoured pureness.  Dealing with serious themes as friendship, love and teenage dissatisfaction, Tequila’s Mind first work is a convincing piece of damn good music.  A great step indeed for a band that started in 2003 as a cover band.

Gigging through 2010 and 2011, the guys made themselves fairly known to the Italian music world, playing around Italy and bringing to its attention that characteristic blend of vibrant wistfulness.  March 2012 signed the release of their second EP La Mente Del Signor T., a slightly more thoughtful work, starred of great musicianship tracks as ‘Il Venditore di Rose’ and ‘L’Aviatore’.

‘Lonely Space Cruise’, their first attempt at English lyrical-ship, is a pensive, quite introspective ballad, written by frontman Luca Cilibrasi, marking one of the finest tracks from the Sienna guys.

What the future still holds for a small band who stumbled and struggled through plain anonymity until a pretty reasonable level of success, is uncertain.  What is certain, on the other hand, is the basic fact authentic, soulful music will always find its way to light.  Regardless of where it is produced.


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