Other Side Introducing: Gallows Gate


Gallows Gate are a hard rock 4 piece who are ready to stand front and center and give your ears something heavy to listen to.  We at Other Side Reviews thought you should get to know them a bit better.

The band hails from Preston, North West Lancashire, and they have been “honing their sound” since early 2012 and mark their progress with the release of their self titled EP.  All the perfecting they have been doing has led to a balance of classic heavy rock with metal and blues undertones.

The band consists of front man John Moss, whose vocals and lyrics will have you singing your little heart out, but the multi-talented man also proves he knows his way around a guitar.

Howard Little, also on guitar, certainly understands the need for heavy riffs and beautiful soaring solos, sounds that you will hear throughout the EP.

Keeping the music hard and heavy, with beefy bass riffs is 4 string wonder Chris Redfearn.

Last, but not least, James Thorley keeping all of these guys in time with his bombastic beats.

The band state their influences as classics such as Metallica, this is somewhat obvious throughout the EP, as the guitar solos are very typical of the late 80’s heavy metal.  But on the more modern side of things, they have the blues sound of bands like Black Stone Cherry.

The self titled EP is very much a “this is how hard rock should be” with catchy hooks and riffs, with lyrics that are sing-able and solos that make you want to air guitar along side.  The relatively unknown band are looking at a bright future because of their sound alone.  The EP is accessible for both older and younger generation metal heads and rockers.

Even though the EP is only four tracks, they really show off both skill and musical range; especially for a band who haven’t been around for years.  With some more recent success in their local area and radio coverage in Preston and Blackpool the EP should be picking up some steam soon.

If this had peaked your interest in Gallows Gate, then you can read our review on their EP.  If you fancy a listen to the EP, which you definitely should, you can buy it on iTunes or via the Gallows Gate BandCamp page.


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