This Old Ghost announce split


New York indie rockers This Old Ghost are hanging up their hats after their final shows next week.  Here is what the band had to say about the impending split:

So, the bad news. These are most likely going to be our final shows. Our drummer Rob is leaving New York to travel, and will most likely not return to New York for a while. We don’t think there is a chance in hell we could possibly find a drummer to replace him, so we’ve decided to just put an end to it all… Okay there are a few other reasons, but you have to come to the shows and talk to us to find out all the juicy details. However, if the only reason you were into This Old Ghost was because of Ian McHitnness, well then have no fear, he is very much continuing to make music under the name Side Saddle.

Unfortunately, there’s more bad news. There’ a good possibility that this will be your last chance to see Moving Mountains as well, and we know you don’t want to miss that. But let’s not focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive.

1. This Old Ghost are playing some shows.

2. This Old Ghost are playing with some awesome bands.

3. Our drummer is playing two songs with Caravela.

4. Nick (the drummer of Mov Mou and Rob’s brother) is also playing two songs with Caravela.

5. It’s autumn.

6. We live in America.


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