Metallica are self-proclaimed ‘Beliebers’


In a recent interview with Q Magazine, Metallica declared themselves fans of pop sensation Justin Beiber or ‘Beliebers.’  How did this come about?  It was all due to a YouTube video that popped up not too long ago of Bieber ‘covering’ Metallica’s ‘Fade To Black’.

When questioned on their thoughts about it, frontman James Hetfield stated, “Are we Beliebers? Yes.”  Drummer Lars Ulrich expanded saying, “Is it possible to have respect for him without being a Belieber?  I think the kid’s really talented and obviously to go through what he’s going through at that early age must be a mindfuck.  So the fact that he still goes out there and does it, I admire that and I think he’s super talented, So I guess I am kind of a Belieber.”

On behalf of everyone at The Other Side Reviews, we respect your opinion but WTF??

Justin Bieber’s take on ‘Fade To Black’ can be seen below.


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