San Fermin’s Tiny Concert, Big Triumph

san fermin

As a long-time fan of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and a new fan of San Fermin, I had every reason to expect to enjoy this edition.  This goes to show that not every assumption makes asses of people since I enjoyed every minute of it.   Bob Boilen makes the point that “(t)he orchestral folk-pop band’s music bursts with ambition and extreme joy”.  This becomes even more accurate when you consider this as a rebound from having their entire trailer stolen from outside their hotel during a stint in Portland, OR earlier this month.  They have been accepting donations through PayPal to some success and have estimated their losses at $20,000.  Hopefully publicity following their latest showcase on NPR’s website can be expected to bolster the amount that the group is expected to recover.

Until this video I was familiar with San Fermin almost exclusively through their recorded music and hadn’t heard too much of them this raw and unedited.  I am not going to make the claim that they sound the same live as they do on their record, but I will say that the differences between the two are appreciated.  If this raw, folky, amicable version of San Fermin as a band as well as of their music is what can be expected of their typical live shows, I for one am excited for them to begin touring more and in wider breadths.  They are in the midst of an
international tour right now with limited North American dates before heading to Europe on November 1st, preceding their album’s internal release on November 11th, 2013.  Their debut album is already available in North America and has a good many people enjoying it and spreading the word about this little band that could, can, and will.  Do your part.

San Fermin Tiny Desk Concert


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