Songs to get you Halloween happy

The true meaning of Halloween, like so many other feast days, has been lost.  In decades gone past, Halloween was the one night per year when the dead could contact the living and walk the earth freely.  This was great news for those who wanted to see a dearly departed someone; but I bet those who had seriously pissed someone off just before they died were probably terrified of a hellish beating – pun intended.

Nowadays, we wouldn’t know if real ghosts were walking the earth on October 31st because of all the dressed-up people running around.  The closer we get to the date, the more 6-year-olds I see donning some mask or cape, the most popular being Frankenstein.  I find it amusing, particularly adorable when I see a cowboy toddling alongside his mother wearing an itsy-bitsy holster thinking he looks like Josey Wales.

When you think about it, an adult’s Halloween night isn’t too different to a child’s Halloween night.  We have our candy (alcohol); we have our costumes (some of them itsy-bitsy); and by the end of the night, many of us are toddling home.  Does it matter that our frivolities can be compared to that of a 10-year-old?  I don’t believe so, as long as I’m having fun and happy!  This means we need good music, here are the songs that need to be on a Halloween playlist.

5. Marilyn Manson – ‘This Is Halloween’

Keeping with the childish theme, let’s “all hail the Pumpkin King!”  By adding Marilyn Manson’s voice, we are making this song creepy, yet charming.

4. Misfits – ‘Astro Zombies’

Technically not a ‘I’m going to scare you into next Tuesday’ song, but the title has ‘zombies’ in it.  Plus, who could ignore the Misfits?

3. Rob Zombie – ‘Boogie Man’

This song has been covered so many times I wasn’t quite sure which to choose, but Rob Zombie has the creepiest register.

2. My Chemical Romance – ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’

I always thought vampires would hurt me, but apparently they won’t.  I’m still not too sure, but I’m willing to give Gerard and the boys the benefit of the doubt.

1. The Creepshow – ‘Zombies Ate Her Brain’

This is the first song I heard from The Creepshow, and I’ve been listening ever since.  It’s fast, fun and the best song to put you in the mood for a happening night.



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