Marilyn Manson to voice Shadow in ‘Once Upon A Time’

marilyn_mansonWe all know Marilyn Manson is a bit on the ‘creepy, weird, I’ll steal your soul’ side – but in the nicest way possible – and now he’s proving it.  No, he hasn’t joined Lucifer for the Apocalypse; instead, he’s lending his unmistakable voice to the US show Once Upon A Time.

The show is produced by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who, in an interview to Rolling Stone, admit being “enormous fans of Marilyn Manson” and “always wanted to cast someone with the vocal range to make our skin crawl.”

Manson will be the voice behind the contemptible character Shadow whom has helped Peter Pan steal children from other worlds (so that’s how the Lost Boys become lost).  He also has a weakness to ripping out other people’s souls while doing his ‘child-soul-stealing’ duty.

Once Upon A Time airs at 8/7c on ABC.  Happy watching!
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