Your Demise release documentary as final goodbye

Your-DemiseIn April of this year, Brighton punk rockers Your Demise announced that their 2013 tour will be the last.  As a final goodbye to all their fans, the boys have decided to release a band documentary.  Here’s what the band had to say about the upcoming bio-pic:

We want to show the laughs and the hardships – believe me, there has been lots of both – and basically just to be able to finally tell everyone actually the way it is: no bullshit, just us. I think people will be shocked to see how it actually is, whether that be from us telling them about our past, or the way we see this Industry, and how it can destroy a band. We have always done things our way, and now we will go out our way.

This DVD will also show you the real emotion we are going to be going through as a band, as five friends that are in theory starting to mourn their loss,” continues the guitarist; “I’m not really sure how we are going to be… I think there will be tears, but that’s what we want, we want it to be real.

For final tour dates see Your Demise’s official website.


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