Nickelback to release their ‘Greatest Hits’ album


Nickelback have announced that they will be releasing a greatest hits compilation on November 4, 2013.  The album, The Best of Nickelback Vol. 1, is to be released internationally on Roadrunner Records.

This album features 19 of Nickelbacks most beloved tracks including the hits ‘Rockstar’, ‘How You Remind Me’ and ‘Photograph.’  The release coincides with their almost sold out European tour (Oct 26 – Nov 27) and debut performances in South Africa (Dec 6 – Dec 12).

The album track lists stands at:

1.     Photograph
2.     How You Remind Me
3.     Burn It To The Ground
4.     Rockstar
5.     Savin’ Me
6.     Figured You Out
7.     Too Bad
8.     If Today Was Your Last Day
9.     Far Away
10.  Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good
11.  Someday
12.  Never Again
13.  Lullaby
14.  If Everyone Cared
15.  Gotta Be Somebody
16.  When We Stand Together
17.  Animals
18.  This Afternoon
19.  Something In Your Mouth

The Best of Nickelback Vol. 1 can be pre-ordered from iTunes as of tomorrow (October 8, 2013).




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