Judge J.Z. Lee rules in favour of A Day To Remember’s new album

A+Day+to+Remember++2009It’s a day to remember when a district judge rules in favour of a rock band against their record label, and we finally saw that day.  District court Judge John Z. Lee denied Victory Record’s motion for a preliminary injunction resulting in the release of A Day To Remember’s long-awaited album Common Courtesy tomorrow!

The band had something to say about the ruling:

“In May of 2011 we joined the long list of bands that have filed suit against Victory Records.  Although our case is still ongoing, we are very pleased with the judge’s decision to allow us to release our next record.  The only thing that mattered to us while dealing with this lawsuit was getting new music to our fans.”

A Day To Remember are currently on tour in the US and have added dates for a UK stint.  See their official site for details.

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