Katy Perry – Roar (2013)

This new single ‘Roar’, taken from upcoming album Prism, is a typically empowering call-to-arms for her hordes of followers keen on her personal struggles. The song starts with a tub-thumping drum track which brings in Ms Perry’s compressed (read: loud) vocals. The rest of the song follows a very basic song structure (verse then chorus etc) and recommends the listener sing-along whenever they feel roused by our heroine’s plight. The bass track is coolly played with pitch-shifting lust and throbs along during the backing vocal yelps reminiscent of cheerleading enthusiasm. As the bridge opens into a slightly less exciting crescendo, one gets the feeling that this space is deliberately void for live shows where the audience may be asked if they are ‘having a good time’ or ‘what’s up [insert city name here]?’ And as Ms Perry delivers her final roar, so the song concludes. It is fair to say the songs premise clearly lies in being an independent human being. The title itself finds itself firmly rooted in a shout-aloud chorus, no doubt used for effect during her live tours. This may be where the music itself is best heard, as her live vocals are awesome and she knows how to lead a crowd. Plus, let’s face it, she’s pretty as a sunset.

A very loud and sparkly song lacking dynamics but making up with vocal and lyrical intensity, here lies another finely crafted piece of popular music from one of pops most prominent stars. Sure, She may not be everybody’s cup o’ tea, nor may the music itself be particularly stirring for those with reason, but there’s no denying that Ms Perry is a true foundation of modern popular music and a smart one as well, playing the fame game to give her enough credibility as a pop star and as a human being. Give it a go if you want, we don’t judge here. Lest we forget, ‘Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand’.


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