Eliza Doolittle – Big When I Was Little (2013)

This song will live up to its name in a few years to all the youngsters nowadays. For someone like me, who’s nearly 19 years old, the things that Eliza Doolittle uses in the lyrics reminds me of my childhood as it does her.

Eliza was born in 1988, meaning most of childhood is the 1990s and 2000s. Youngsters who were born around the same time will relate to the lyrics in her song, taking Polaroid photographs, listening to Spice Girls and watching Malcolm in the Middle.

Not only do the lyrics remained us of childhood but the instrumentals combine to make a fantastic beat which also sounds like a childish fuzzy-pop.

This song is wonderful and I believe will be this year’s summer anthem replacing 2012’s ‘Call Me Maybe”.


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