Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light (2013)

Woodstock Mafia’s ‘Electric Light’, their first music video from their debut album. Band members include: Joe Theron (vocals), Nick van Rensburg (guitar), Ryan Matthews (bass) and Owen Ingarfield (drums).

A bulb flashes into life, synchronised with a muted guitar scrape. The instrumental intro tracks around an emaciated apartment and the band on stage looking futuristic and bold. As the verse starts, we follow the band awakening in the apartment and preparing for the day by donning various militant paraphernalia before sending out the word of a ‘revolution’ gig via their website. Yes, this is very much a totalitarian themed video, right down to the Soviet-esque clothing and faceless police force. A pair of masked rapscallions graffiti a mural stating ‘Strength In Sound’. The release and escape from this Orwellian-state is the music, but we all knew that anyway.

As the word about the gig spreads, the crowds are apprehensive as they approach due to the ominous gas-masked police guards search and harass them on entry. All the while security cameras are in place to monitor the band, with the vocalist’s mouth subdued with a black bar of censorship, which he eventually rips off and causes a showdown between the police and the audience. As they stand off, one police guard approaches the crowd and starts to dance, and then ‘oh hey it’s all peachy!’. The music transcends political and social barriers and all is resolved. An entire industrial state brought to its knees by the ‘Strength In Sound’ and mutual admiration for music.

It’s an enjoyable video, if a little predictable. The camera work lends a vibe of comic-book progression, and the dark, moody surroundings help to enforce the idea of what condition this world is in. The music is great, no denying that, and the band look like they are having fun as they help the proles to overcome the state. If Big Brother is watching, he’s probably nodding along as well. A fun and classic ‘stick it to the Man’ video.


One thought on “Woodstock Mafia – Electric Light (2013)

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    In anticipation of Woodstock Mafia’s new album, I present a review of their music video ‘Electric Light’. It was written by the talented Joseph Prescott from The Other Side Reviews. I love his writing and can’t wait for his next installment which is supposedly a bubblegum pop piece!

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