Neon Sarcastic – Chemistry Was Never The Problem (2013)

I never thought I’d see the day where the Arctic Monkeys meet noughties boy band Busted.   Yes, you heard me, BUSTED!   Yet, the merged in Neon Sarcastic’s latest single ‘Chemistry Was Never The Problem’.

The song is not all ‘doom and gloom’ as the pounding guitar makes a good entry.   However, it lost my interest in the middle, but grabbed back the spark it had at the start towards the end.   On the other hand, it was probably more interesting because it was coming to an end.

I give Neon Sarcastic some credit for their ability to play instruments, but lyrically something went wrong.   Personally lyrics such as “chemistry was never the problem, it might have been me”, shows little originality; and as a band who write their own songs, originality is a key factor to success.

The song showed very little emotion and just sounded like a man singing at a karaoke.   Chemistry WAS the problem for this small Leicestershire band and it DEFINITELY was you!

By: Elise Mahoney


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