The Maine – Happy (2013)

If you’re looking for a new summer anthem to blast in your car, that doesn’t sound like every pop song you’ve ever heard, you can stop looking right now because ‘Happy’ by The Maine could be exactly what you need.    A bittersweet alternative rock song reminiscing on lost love, The Maine scored with their debut single off of their fourth studio album Forever Halloween.

Sung over strumming guitars and a mellow bassline frontman, John O’Callaghan, sings about dealing with lost love, binge drinking, and finding happiness.    While the beat is pleasant, the lyrics steal the show.    Lyrics like “I don’t think I am capable of/this teenage televised taping of love” and “I’m sad, funny it seems lately this ain’t a fairytale/And I don’t think I’ll ever be happy” strike listeners as poignant and more importantly, real.    While the lyrics are melancholy, the beat feels, strangely, happy.

If ‘Happy’ doesn’t hit you the first time around, it certainly will after a few more plays – it’s that catchy.    After a few listens, it becomes ingrained in the brain and it’s not hard to picture this song getting a decent amount of radio play.

Overall, ‘Happy’ is a fun, pleasant summer song that shows the natural transition The Maine is making from their last album into a more stripped back rock sound.    They certainly have improved from their formation in 2007, and ‘Happy’ could perhaps be their most successful single of their career.    Here’s hoping that The Maine will hit another home run on their upcoming LP!

Be sure to check out Forever Halloween, out June 4th.



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