Falling In Reverse – Alone (2013)

Off upcoming album Fashionably Late to be released 18/06/2013

Mixing synthesisers with rock is a difficult job, and Falling In Reverse prove this in their new single ‘Alone’ which can only be described as confusing and pretty awful. Ronnie Radke has decided not to go about changing his Marmite reputation, but instead takes to dragging his band’s name down with him. The song is a mix of Radke trying to rap and scream, an attempt at a catchy chorus, a terrible auto-tuned bridge which then leads into a breakdown that is quite possibly the only decent part of the song. Saying that, my favourite part is when it ends with Radke saying “Yo, 2013 motherf***er, Falling In Reverse”, which makes for quite comical listening.

The musicianship however, remains intact. These boys know how to play an instrument and when they get their chance there are still hints of first album, The Drug In Me Is You, which was actually a good album. However, their abilities are majorly overshadowed by the lack of complexity, which they are capable of, and the appalling use of electronics. Not only this but lyrics about Charlie Sheen, Twitter and “(breaking) your mother***ing neck” don’t help either; the lyrics are Radke’s statement ‘to the haters’, but instead of helping himself with his ‘I am what I am attitude’, he only makes things worse by bragging about who he is now – he’s famous! I’m actually a Falling In Reverse fan, but this single has confused me beyond belief. Watching the video didn’t help either, it only advocates my thoughts that this single should never have been released.

If this was a Midnight Beast or Lonely Island single, I’d praise it as a comical parody depicting characters of the industry such as Radke, but it’s not. This is a serious single which makes me wonder what was going through the heads of the band when making it and Epitaph Records when releasing it. 2011’s first album (mentioned earlier) was a depiction of a decent band with an edgy, controversial front man capable of making a good, catchy tune and maintaining a fan base. If this new single is any indication of the direction new album Fashionably Late is going, then Falling In Reverse are in trouble.


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